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Information About "Big Band Stories"
By various professional musicicans from famous swing bands who are currently playing with the Don Michaels Orchestra.
Copyright 2000 As listed below.
"Big Band Stories" are brief stories and essays based on true experiences of the professional musicians, primarily the Big Band era of the 1940s and 1950s.

"Big Band Stories" by various professional musicians
Angelo Tallarico - 500 Bamboo Reeds, Play it for Me
Danny Repole - Guy Lombardo Band
Roy Salintro - Partly Rising Stage
Cosmo Campagnola - Lee Castle's Wet Hat
Charlie Henry - Playing with Top Bands
Tommy Alfano- Auditioning for Louis Prima's Band
Jerry Sanfino- (1) Benny Goodman Walks In, and (2) I Kissed The Wrong Girl