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 Weiss, Hal
Chappaqua, NY
"Mom's Laugh" - Poem
HW001, 5/22/2000
The great laugh of the writer's mother.

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 Sisco, Frank
New Rochelle, NY
"Lost Illusions" - Poem
FS074, 8/4/2000
About an elderly homeless man and his pot of lost illusions.
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"My Grandpa Died" - Essay
FS002, 5/23/2000
About the death of the writer's grandfather when the writer was 9 years old.
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"Return of the Leech-Gatherer" - Poem
FS075, first draft 8/4/2000, second draft 8/15/2000
A poem about the writer meeting an old man who was like William Wordsworth's leech-gatherer from "Resolution and Independence."
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"Full were his days of youth" - Song lyrics
FS007, 5/27/2000
About a man whose best days were in his past.


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"1-2-3 Work!" - Essay
FS008, 6/8/2000
About the writer's true encounter with Uri Geller, who although now over 60 was still very capable of performing "miracles," this time bringing the writer's kitchen clock back to life.

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"Tool Parts Chest" - Poem
FS125, 11/14/2000
About the writer trying to organize one part of his life to make up for his grandmother's failing health which he cannot control.

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 Costanzo, Bill
Mt. Kisco, NY
"Nani's Eulogy" - Essay - Eulogy
WC006, 5/27/2000
The writer's grandmother lived more than one hundred years, filled with precious memories.

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Engelmann, Karen
Dobbs Ferry, NY
"Flight" - Short story - fiction
KE019, 6/8/2000
A grandmother brings a handed-down bird ornament out of hiding.

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Nardelli, Jon
Mount Vernon, NY
"Memories of My Grandmother" - Essay
JN030, 6/15/2000
The writer describes his loving memories of his grandmother.

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 Rubins, Marlene

Kew Gardens Hills, NY
"Eulogy about Tamara Rubins (1916 - 2000)" - Essay
MR048, 6/24/2000
A eulogy about the writer's mother.

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 Mercer, Lynne

Bronxville, NY
"Sympathy for the Devil" - Poem
LM052, 7/4/2000
About a bedridden man's thoughts, especially about his caregiver.

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 Lawrence, Jessica Gail
White Plains, NY
"No Mourning" - Poem
JL086, 8/27/2000
About the writer's thoughts of her mother who is in a nursing home.

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"The Face I Never Knew" - Poem
JL090, 9/17/2000
About the writer's thoughts of her mother as seen in an old photograph.

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"A Wake-Up Tale" - Poem
JL166, 4/5/2001
About the writer's dog.

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 M. L. Needle
Yorktown, NY
"Tempus Edax Rerum" (Time devours all things) - Poem
MN115, 10/30/2000
About an older woman's fleeting reflections on time.

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"Where Your Eyes Take Me" - Poem
MN116, 10/30/2000
About an older woman's experiences dealing with her partner's nightmares.

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"Grief That Sweats" - Poem
MN117, 10/30/2000
About a mother's emotional visit to her son's gravesite.

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 Zaretzky, Marion
White Plains, NY
"The Man Upstairs" - Essay
MZ161, 2/6/2001
About an inspiring aged man who lives upstairs from the writer.

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Sisco, Kelly
New Rochelle, NY
"Forever" - Poem
KS163, 4/4/2001
About the meaning of forever.

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 Finnerty, Eugene
? birth date
White Plains, NY
"Those Finnertys" - Poem
EF164, 4/5/2001
A poem about two Irish families.

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"Ode to Ireland - From a Son Beyond The Wave" - Poem
EF165, 4/5/2001
A poem as a tribute to Ireland and her sons and daughters everywhere.

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 Brick, Maurice
? birth date
New Rochelle, NY
"Off the Irish Coast" - Essay
MB167, 4/5/2001
An essay about the Blasket Island, off the coast of Ireland, and of its stories, including one about a man and his unshakeable faith.

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 Gentile, Leanne T.
Harrison, NY
"Grandpa's Eulogy" - Essay
LG169, 4/24/2001
An essay about the writer's grandfather, Louis Gentile, who died on 4/3/2001. She read the eulogy at his funeral mass held at Saint Gregory the Great Church in Harrison, NY on 4/6/2001. It was also read on 4/19/2001 on the Senior Musings radio show (WVOX 1460 AM) by her relative Sal Parisi.

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